© 2019 by Abbas Sbeity


Role: Designer

Year: 2017

Location: Beirut, Lebanon

Part of Beirut Design Week 2017, Architects for Change designed an installation to respond to the theme #IsDesignANeed at KED.


Abbas Sbeity, Cynthia Matar, Mohamad Kahil, Nader Akoum, Nayla Noueihed, and Ali Khreiss.


Many times, design is taken for granted. Even now, your eyes lightly brushed over the statement. So, stop right here. Go back and think about the capacity of design to aid, serve, and SAVE us - or to hurt, oppose, and END us. Should we treat design as a delicate tool that requires an examination prior to utilization? Ought we believe that this tool has the potential to annihilate mankind’s total existence? Strive to be moved through a journey that stems from our daily life experiences. The illuminations reflect the mundane human behavioral phenomena of consumerism, mass production, division in social class, egoistic design… A fjord of consequent dangers leads the reflections to warn us that Earth is under a grave threat, and the future prospects are unpredictable. We may theorize no further than our present gratifications.

The outlet is a mere realization of a novel dimension. Design revisits the atom and the cell. Who is ‘We’? Replay?